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Dr. Josephine Chiu-Duke

Josephine Chiu-Duke is associate professor of Chinese Intellectual History in the Asian Studies Department at the University of British Columbia.


Dr. Chiu-Duke is a specialist in Chinese intellectual history. Her publications focus on Tang Confucian revival, Tang women and the well-being of the state, and contemporary Chinese intellectual thought and action. She offers courses on traditional Chinese political thought and political institutions, and she has also been responsible for a course on the history and culture of Taiwan. 


She is the author of To Rebuild the Empire: Lu Chih’s Confucian Pragmatist Approach to the Mid-T’ang Predicament (2000), editor of Liberalism and the Humanistic Tradition----Essays in Honor of Professor Lin Yu-sheng (2005), co-editor of Yu Ying-shih’s Chinese History and Culture, 2 volumes (2016) and co-translator of Ge Zhaoguang’s An Intellectual History of China, Volume 1(2014) and Volume 2 (2018), and editor of Lin Yu-sheng’s Recent Works in Intellectual History (Winter, 2019). She has also published many articles on traditional Chinese women and contemporary Chinese thought.


Dr. Chiu-Duke is deeply interested in Hong Kong not only because it offers a prime example for understanding the complex dynamics of colonialism and post-colonialism but also, more importantly, because the territory had been the only free and open society in the Chinese-speaking world before Taiwan, the Republic of China, began its democratic transformation.