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渥京之行 國會遊說 2023



February 22, 2023

For Immediate Release

Hongkonger Canadian Delegation to Ottawa on Canada-Hong Kong Relations and Immigration Policies

Canada-Hong Kong Link, Vancouver Society in Support of Democratic Movement, Saskatchewan Stands with Hong Kong, and Vancouver Hong Kong Forum Society sent a delegation to Ottawa from February 14 to 16. The delegation met with Members of Parliament and ministries responsible for Canada-Hong Kong relations and immigration policies for Hongkongers. Gloria Fung, the President of Canada-Hong Kong Link, was invited as a keynote speaker at the AGM of the Canada-Hong Kong Parliamentary Friendship Group to address the subject of what Canada can do to continue our support for Hong Kong.

The delegation expressed deep concerns about the ongoing suppression of freedom and the erosion of the independent judicial system in Hong Kong. We further strengthened the MPs’ knowledge and awareness of the National Security Law trials of media tycoon Jimmy Lai and the 47 Democrats prosecuted for organizing and participating in an unofficial primary election. We urged our Canadian government to closely monitor the progress of the court hearings and take timely actions to show solidarity with Hongkongers.

The four organizations have advocated for the special Hong Kong Pathways for Hongkongers, the so-called “Lifeboat Scheme”, since 2019. The delegation appreciated the effort of the Members of Parliament of the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration (CIMM) and the Ministry of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship in the recent extension and expansion of the Open Work Permit (OWP) for Hongkongers. However, there is still room for further policy improvement. Given the critical need for protection of Hongkongers under the Hong Kong National Security Law, we continue to advocate for expedited synchronization of the eligibility of OWP with that of the Stream B Permanent Resident Pathway, elimination of program barriers, and extension of the program beyond 2026. We have also submitted to all parliamentarians we met with a report on Hong Kong update with recommendations on Canada-Hong Kong relations and Hong Kong Pathways Program as reference for their future policy formulation.






四個加拿大港人團體從二零一九年開始就推動為港人而設的救生艇計劃。最近政府延長及擴展為港人而設的開放式工作簽證,代表團為此感謝相關國會議員及移民部改進相關政策。然而,政策仍存在有待改進的空間。為應對港版國安法下急切保護港人的需要,代表團建議加拿大政府理順整個救生艇政策,進一步相應放寬Stream B永久居民申請條件,並延長政策至2026年以後。代表團向所有會見的國會議員和官員提交一份香港最新情勢分析和對加港關係及移民政策建議書作為國會制訂未來對港政策的參考。




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