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12.8 International Human Rights Day Events

1. World Day of Human Rights March and Rally
Organizer: Vancouver Society in Support of Democratic Movement 

Place:  Vancouver Art Gallery North Plaza


Time:  12:30 pm on 8th December 2019 (Sunday)

More than 17 million people were killed in World War II because of their ethnicity, political beliefs and other factors.  On 10th December 1948, United Nations issued 《Universal Declaration of Human Rights》and stipulated 10th December of every year as International Human Rights Day.

The Declaration affirms that all individuals are entitled to fundamental human rights, including being free from torture, freedom of speech, rights of privacy, and of protection, etc. It covers protection of civil, cultural, political, economic and social rights.

Vancouver Society in Support of Democratic Movement (VSSDM) is a local organization promoting democracy and human rights in China. We have closely monitored the human rights problems there since our establishment, and currently supported Anti Extradition Bill Movement in Hong Kong.  We strongly condemn Hong Kong Police for their brutality and sin in defiance of human rights.


In response to the spirits of the Declaration and International Human Rights Day, VSSDM will organize a rally at North Plaza of Art Gallery at 12:30 pm on 8th December 2019 (Sunday).  We will at the same time urge international communities to strive for individuals' human rights, and stipulate laws for democracy and human rights for Hongkongers.


VSSDM appeals for your active participation in the activity.  Join us for upholding all individuals' fundamental human rights.

2. Invite everyone to work together to make a tear gas Christmas tree


Organizer: Van4hk

Place :Outside of Canada Line City Center Station

Time:Dec 8, 2 pm - 4 pm

Are we turning our blind eyes ? Hong Kong police fired over 10000 teargas canisters in densely populated area, in business center, near kindergartens, schools and even University campus over the past few months.

The “made in China”teargas released Dioxine and high level of deadly Cyanide.


Dioxins are a group of highly toxic chemical compounds that are harmful to health. They can cause problems with reproduction, development, and the immune system. They can also disrupt hormones and lead to cancer. Known as persistent environmental pollutants (POPs), dioxins can remain in the environment for many years.


There are still 300,000 Canadians in HK. What did our government and leader say about this issue, absolutely nothing ! It is time that we, fellow Canadians to take our part to call out our officials. They have to stand up to condemn the HK police brutality and unnecessary uses of chemical weapons upon our citizens. We also urge our government to implement the Magnitsky Act to sanction the HK officials who were violating human rights. Please don’t turn a blind eyes, it is a real humanitarian disaster happening now !